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From plastic waste to fibers

The plastic is first sorted, cleaned, and shredded into small pieces. These pieces are then melted and extruded into thin filaments. The filaments are stretched and cooled to form strong, flexible fibers. These fibers are then spun into yarn and woven or knitted into fleece fabric, which is subsequently pressed to create soft and cozy sheets, offering a sustainable solution to plastic waste.

  • Plastic Waste

    Collecting plastic waste is essential for mitigating environmental pollution, fostering recycling efforts, and preserving natural habitats for future generations.

  • Shredding

    Shredding plastic breaks down materials into smaller pieces, facilitating recycling processes and enabling the creation of new sustainable products.

  • Fibers

    Shredded plastic waste is melted, extruded into filaments, and spun into polyester fibers, creating a sustainable solution for textile production.

  • Recyclable

    Fleece sheets, even when damaged or broken, remains recyclable, presenting avenues for its repurposing into innovative new products.

  • Properties

    Polyester fleece offers excellent sound insulation properties, effectively dampening noise and enhancing acoustic environments for peaceful rest and relaxation.

  • End of life

    Polyester fleece sheets are produced from recycled fibers, used, and recycled again, forming a circular lifecycle that minimizes waste and maximizes sustainability.