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From plant to fiber

Embrace natural fiber fleece for your office and building applications, offering an eco-conscious solution. Not only does it provide acoustic insulation, but it also boasts breathability for comfort and moisture absorption for a dry environment. With durability and hypoallergenic qualities, it promotes a healthy, sustainable workspace.

  • Living Plant

    Hemp cultivation for fibers is increasingly recognized for its sustainability, yielding robust and versatile fibers that can be utilized in various industries.

  • Dryed Plants

    After harvest, hemp undergoes a drying process to reduce moisture content, ensuring optimal quality and preservation of its fibers.

  • Fibers

    The final material fleece combines the natural strength and breathability of hemp fibers with the cozy comfort of fleece fabric.

  • Biodegradable

    Hemp fibers are biodegradable, offering eco-friendly options that naturally decompose, minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

  • Properties

    Hemp products boast excellent sound acoustic properties, effectively dampening noise and enhancing acoustic environments with their natural insulation capabilities.

  • Life Cycle

    Hemp embodies a circular life cycle, from cultivation to biodegradation, fostering sustainable practices by replenishing resources and minimizing environmental footprint.